Head of Digital Marketing and CRM
Brussels Airlines

From Digital Marketing to Marketing in a digital world.

The airline industry is facing fierce competition and air travel is becoming more and more a commodity.

Therefore it’s key to provide competitive pricing whilst maintaining high levels of service – a balancing act which requires a strong focus on efficiency, innovation, scalability and automation.

Moreover, there’s an ongoing shift in travel behavior from traditional to digital channels, resulting in complex customer journeys over many different channels and touchpoints, both online and offline.

Over the last years, some use cases and overall performance of Brussels Airlines’ digital channels, have clearly demonstrated that the implementation of a worldwide data-driven digital marketing strategy putting the customer centrally, is the way to go.

This approach incorporates an integrated technology stack and an holistic view across the customer journey. However, key success drivers are related to change management and the maturity in adopting a mindset shift.


Heidi De Cloet is Head of Digital Marketing and CRM at Brussels Airlines, Belgian leading airline and part of Lufthansa Group. She joined the company in 2016 and is actively contributing to its digital transformation.

She has a broad experience in the fields of Digital Marketing, E-commerce , Communication and Sales mainly in the Hotel and Aviation industry. Heidi is passionate about travelling; embraces new technologies and is an adept of initiatives to support Women in Tech.